Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big spider.......yuk!

A short post today. Guess what holiday is coming up, kids?  Mother's Day!!!! I am busily gathering ideas for moms that can be made without too much cost. I am making one with my grandkids for their mother and it's made out of rocks! And we think she'll really like it, too. So stay tuned this week to get some great ideas!

Take a look at this little (hahaha) gem. My daughter-in-law found this in the pocket of the beach chair she was getting ready to use. Boy, did she holler!

He doesn't look so big in the photo, but it was really big! I zoomed in on it, which makes it look smaller. Then I took a picture after we smashed it.

Ooooh....poor spider! HaHaHa! I don't like spiders, even though some of them are good for gardens, etc. They creep me out. I used to have nightmares about big, black spiders when I was a little girl. I would go into my parents room and sleep on the rug on my mother's side of the bed so I wouldn't wake her up. I knew she wouldn't let me get into bed with her, so I just had to be okay with being near her. I eventually grew out of those nightmares at about age 10 or so, but to this day I still hate spiders.

That's is for today. I know......not much here, today. But you just wait, better things are coming! Goodbye for now and love to all,

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