Monday, May 7, 2012

A trip to the post offiice and the library

Crackers is learning about the world around her. I am a member of an internet site called Swap-bot, where people with similar interests swap stuff. I swap crafty things and pen pal letters, and papers and that kind of thing. It's a lot of fun! And it keeps me busy and happy, too. Sometimes too busy, when I sign up for a lot of swaps at once. Anyway, this gives me a lot of mail, both to send and to recieve, and I love mail. Real mail, not bills and advertisements and junk mail. REAL MAIL! And I make a lot of trips to the post office, so I decided to take Crackers along with me to see what the post office is all about.

The letter weighs a lot more with Crackers on the scale! The lady at the post office was really nice and Crackers had a good time.

Next, we went to the library. I showed her the books I like and the computers and the magazines, and then I took her to the children's book section. She loved that! She picked out a book and sat on the shelf and looked at it for a while. (She can't read, so looking is what she does.)

Then she just sat on the shelf and watched everybody. It was Children's Reading Hour while we were there, so there were more kids than normal, and Crackers even talked to a few. They thought she was cute. Then it was time to check out our books. The librarian let Crackers help!

When we were all done, we walked back home. I wish I had taken a photo of Crackers in my back pack. Her legs are so long that they wouldn't fit inside, so I zipped her in with her feet and legs hanging out. We got some very strange looks. It was a good day, full of learning and new experiences for Crackers. She wants all the kids out there to know how much fun the library is, and to tell them that they should visit their libraries often. And grammas, read to your grandkids. They will treasure those times forever, as will you. And now, if they live far away, it's still possible to read to them with one of those recorable books! I think those are wonderful. It helps keeps us in touch with those we love but can't see all the time.

Maybe we'll have to make some books of our own. And you could record a CD of you reading the book for your little ones far away. How cool would that be? We'll put that on the list of things to do. Goodbye and love to all,

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