Friday, May 4, 2012

Penelope says Goodbye.....

Do you remember Penelope? She's Crackers' cousin who is going to live in Indiana.

This is how she looked a few weeks ago.

Well, Penelope is all finished and on her way to Indianapolis! I knit her some leg warmers so she wouldn't be cold back there.

Then she and Crackers decorated the box she is flying in. Boy, did they have fun!

At last, we took some final pictures before we packed her in the box and took her to the post office.

Now she's is winging her way to Hannah's house, to be friends with Hannah and her mommy. I know they will love her and take care of her, and introduce her to their family and the places they like to go. I think they will send us some pictures so we can see how she's doing, too. Crackers will miss her, but every good duck deserves a special family of their own, and now Penelope has hers!  Bye-bye, Penelope!

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