Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are all enjoying the nice Spring weather. It has been absolutely beautiful here! The yard sales and garage sales are starting up again, after a break because of the weather. We've had quite a bit of rain, which is good for nature, but bad for yard sales. Anyway, we went yard-saling this last weekend, and found a couple of things. First of all, I found the perfect size basket for a nest for Crackers. I put a little colored shredded paper in it to pad her bottom, and she is quite comfortable!

Then, I found a Tupperware Jello mold! Two of them, in fact. A small one and a large one. The small ones needed a lid, but other than that they are OK. And I just happened to have a lid that fit!

I fixed Jello that very night for dessert, using the large mold. It holds two small packages or one large package, with a little room for some fruit. It was yummy, as Jello always is, but this time it looked good, too.
At the last sale we hit, I found something else for Crackers. You know, her legs are so long that sometimes she's very uncomfortable when she sits. Well, there it was....the perfect chair. It is a bamboo, decorative doll high chair, and it is perfect! Her legs hang down so her knees aren't in her face, and her feet fit the rung just right.

It's just right! She loves it and sits in it all the time. Doesn't she look cute? Well, those were our Tuesday Treasures for this week. We are both very happy with our purchases. And it only cost us $4.25 total! Not bad, huh?

Well, I'm finishing Penelope, Crackers cousin, this week and completing the new coaster project. I also have a lot of journal pages and ATC's to make (Artist Trading Cards) and send out, so I will be very busy. But I'm not complaining! Busy is better than bored. So until next time, goodbye and love to all,

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