Friday, March 30, 2012

The Peeps Project

Happy Alnost Easter!! I can't believe it's right around the corner! Crackers and I have been looking for cool and fun ideas and we decided to do a Peeps Project. We are going to link to all the Peeps ideas we can find and then come up with some of our own. We want you to do the same. If you find a cool Peeps idea, send us the link and we will post it. And if you make your own Peeps project, send us a photo and basic instructions and we will post those, too, with your name. If you send us an idea, Crackers will send you a Peeps-inspired Easter card! So here we go........

Easter Smore's from Pittypat Paperie

Peep Wreath from tried and true

Peeps centerpiece from Mix Mingle Glow

Peeps Topiary from The Hungry Mouse

Peeps in Nests from your homebased mom.
She has five or six ideas for Peeps in this post!
Another cute Peeps wreath, this one from Spatulas, Corkscrews and Suitcases

Easter Peep-Kabobs from Warning Sugary Goodness

Bird's Nest Cake from Better Homes and Gardens

Peeps-on-a-Straw from The Autocrat

Another Peeps topiary, this one from Not Mack's Knick Knacks

Peepin' in the Grass centerpiece from Gather and Nest

Bouquets for my Peeps, also from Gather and Nest

Peep houses from Tip Junkie

Peeps topper from Eighteen 25

There are the first 14 good ideas to start you off. Crackers and I will work on some of ours this weekend, and we want you to do the same. Be creative and crazy. Email us those photos and ideas! We are waiting......

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