Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Hello to all you out there! How is the weather where you are? It's overcast here, and I think we'll have rain later. I actually like this kind of weather. I like to curl up with a good book and an afghan and spend the day reading and drinking hot chocolate. But not today....too much to do.

Our family loves to yard/garage sale/thrift store shop and see what we can find. Last Saturday, my son found a really nice pasta maker with all the attachments for $15 at the thrift store! I can't wait to start using it! It didn't have the manual or the measurers, but I went online and found all the info we need, plus a recipe, so it's all good.

It is pratically unused. Isn't it pretty? You can also see my very expensive bottle of Asai Berry Juice
that my friend gave me. It's really good mixed with other juices and frozen into popsicles!
And sometimes I pick up things that I don't have a specific purpose for at the time, but I just can't resist. I know you know what I'm talking about. And very seldom am I sorry, because I usually use them sometime down the road. One example is wooden shoes. I love wooden shoes, and used to have a pair that actually fit me, but I no longer have them and I'm sad about that. Anyway, I have a little tiny pair that are tied together with baker's twine and hang on the Christmas tree, and I have another little pair that I have just hung onto because I love them. Well, it turns out, so does Crackers, and she picked them for ourTuesday Treasure this week. She likes to sit atop the entertainment center with those little shoes by her side. They won't anywhere near fit her feet, but she, like me, just likes them.

I put her and the shoes on the kitchen table because there's not enough light on the
entertainment center for you to be able to see the shoes.

See how small? Not much bigger than my thumb!
That's this weeks treasure. It just goes to show that one man's trash is another man's (or duck's) treasure. Treasure doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be shiny and new. It just has to speak to your heart. Do you have any little treasures that are special to you? Send us a picture and we'll post it for others to see. When you share your treasures, others can get to know you just a little better. Goodbye for now and love to all,

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