Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

How is everybody today? Crackers is napping, so I will tell you about our weekend.....

Oy vey! Valentine's Day is tomorrow! Are you ready? We finally are. I spent Saturday morning writing and addressing valentines for all the grandchildren who live far away. I put them in the mail today. Some will get there on time and some will be a day or two late, but all will get there, which is better that some years past. granddaughter and I also got her valentines made for her school class, finally. We have had a problem getting time together to make them, but Saturday was our day.

This is what we started with. Hearts and stickers from Wal*Mart. We took her picture, with her hands like she was holding something, and printed then out 3x5", with Happy Valentine's Day! in the  upper left-hand corner. Then we cut them out in the shape of a heart, punched out holes at the top and bottom of her hands and put suckers through the holes. It looked like she was holding a giant sucker! They turned out really cute.

Later, that night, she went to a daddy/daughter dance at her school. She looked so sweet with her handsome dad.

She said daddy twirled her around and lifted her up off the ground. She was delighted! She had a lot of fun and I think dad did, too. He danced with both Hally and her friend McKayla, sometimes at the same time, and they all had a good time.

It is so important to make these kinds of memories with your family. They are the things kids will remember always. When she is 32 years old, she will still say, "Do you remember when...?" and smile and laugh about that night. And hopefully, she will make valentines with her children, too. Even though she says she isn't having any :).

Well, I know this is a short post, but I have to get busy with some projects that need to get done. You will be seeing a couple of them soon. I think Crackers needs some friends to keep her company when I'm busy or not around. And she loves bugs, so there will be a surprise for her later this week! Come back and see. And Crackers has a special Tuesday Treasure for you tomorrow, so come back and see us. Goodbye for today and love to all...

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