Monday, February 20, 2012

A Morning Walk

Good Morning!!! Crackers and I went for a walk this morning with some friends, and now we're pooped! But we feel good. It was a 3-mile walk, most of it along the Rogue River. The scenery is beautiful and peaceful.

Bobbie, Sherry, Crackers and Deb
We started out at a pretty brisk pace and I did better than I thought I would. It's been all winter since I walked much, so I wasn't sure I would make it the whole way. I told the gals that I maight have to stop at one of the benches along the way and wait for them to pick me up on their way back, but I did it! I went the whole 3 miles. And so did Crackers, but of course, she has it easy. She gets carried the whole way. It was a good start to the morning and the companionship was nice, too. Of course we gabbed the whole way. We also stopped a couple of times to take pictures. Here's one of me and Crackers on the walkway out where they restored the Gold Hill headgates and diversion canal on the river.

You'll have to excuse the just-out-for-a-walk-haven't-had-my-shower-yet look. When I go walking I don't shower until I get home. Anyway, look at the river behind us. There were all kinds of ducks and geese swimming out there until we startled them. I tried to get a photo of them in flight, but I wasn't quick enough. Before I knew it, we were at the end of the trail, where there's a cement block building. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to find out. There are some really nice, big rocks next to it, so Crackers took a rest there.

Doesn't she look like she's in her natural habitat? Well, we turned around and on the way back a man on a bicycle passed us and we all said know, being friendly. We had gone about another 10 minutes, when he came back, and went by us again. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but when I caught up with them, he was getting off the bike and getting ready to take a picture of all of us. So guess where Crackers was for this photo? On the handlebars of the bike!!! The man was very nice and went on his way after snapping a photo for us.

A little farther down the road we passed the Welcome to Gold Hill sign. It was a nice homecoming.

Well, that's it for today. Crackers is tuckered out and taking a nap on the couch. I really need to make her a little nest that is more comfortable. Poor baby has such long legs that it's hard for her to get comfortable.

 If you have any good ideas for making a nest, leave a comment and let me know. Now it's your turn. Get out there and get some exercise! Walking is an easy way for a grandma to move her body, and if you take young'ens with you, they can get their excercise by running circles around you. Until tomorrow, takes a long time to grow an old friend, so start working on it today! Goodbye and love to all,

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