Monday, July 2, 2012

We're Back!!!

Hello! We're back! I know it's been a long time, but things are better now. The surgery on my hand went really well and now I'm just waiting for the doctor to say it's time to do the other one.

I never posted any photos of our trip to the coast. We had so much fun! We went to a place called Brookings, Oregon, and stayed in an RV park right off the beach. It was great. The view was super and we only had a five-minute walk to be on the beach.
This was the view from the pet run at the RV park. The picture doesn't it justice, but you can see the ocean.

This is Crackers' very own seat in the motorhome. She sat there the whole time we were traveling. She was a very good duck and never once asked, "Are we there yet?" We took her to the beach and on walks. She had a really good time.

Hoirrible, horrible picture! I took my hat off to get rid of the shadow on my face and I have hat-head, big time.

Helping with the crab trap.

With Miss Hally, the mermaid.

Checking out the big gull. This one was kind of ugly. Brown and white spotted.

And now the gull is checking out Crackers!

And getting closer. I tied Crackers leg to the fence just in case the gull decided to do more than look.

It was a long way down to the water below.

We went to the kid's park. It was a lot like the Dragon Park in Missoula, Montana.

We went to Azalea Park, and it was Azalea Days that weekend, and the park was in full bloom! It was absolutely gorgeous!

Not all the flowers were Azaleas, of course, but they WERE all beautiful!

There were ferns all over the place. They seem to grow wild all over Oregon! I love it!

There was this big tree with a big fat branch that grew out of the side of it. We all took our pictures by it. Or on it, in the case of Crackers.

Gramma G and hubby Chuck

Andy, Kristen, Cameron and Halena

We had a really good time. The kids loved going to the beach, and since it was so close, we could just walk over anytime we wanted. We got to explore a little more than we did last time, and I'm sure we'll be back to do more sometime.

It feels good to be back sharing with you. Hopefully, I can gather some readers and followers someday, but until then, the few of you who read are enough! I love all 3 of you! I have some new projects in the works that I think you'll like, so watch for those, and I'll see you again soon. Love to all,

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