Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hallowe'en is near!

Well, Halloween is almost here! Two more days. My grandkids are so excited! Hally has decided to be a pirate, but I still don't know about Cameron. We are probably going to Rogue River, where there is a free Halloween Carnival and trick-or-treating through the downtown shopping area. Then there is free hot dogs and chili! So it sounds like a pretty good place to go.

My daughter, Amanda, made the cutest Halloween blocks. She saw them on Pinterest and decided to make her own. We looked at the originals and got measurments, then she had the wood cut and went to town. Of course, hers are not exactly like the ones on Pinterest, but they are better, because SHE made them.

Aren't they cute?

Then, her oldest buy just turned 8 and got to start Cub Scouts. He was very excited to go, but a little shy, so his momma went with him to his first meeting. And if mom goes, then little brother has to go, too! Well, it just so happened that they were making Halloween blocks, too, and she had enough for both boys to make a set. You talk about two excited little boys! They were so proud when they brought them home and mom took pictures to send to me!

The top set is Cyric's and the bottom set is Rafferty's, who had just a little help from mom. I think they did a great job! It's a really cute idea....Just 2x4's and some paint, with googly eyes and crepe paper for the mummy.

These are the two proud boys. They'd just had their hair cut when these pictures were taken. 

That's it for today! I am wishing all of you a Happy Hallowe'en and here's hoping you get lots of loot and have lots of fun! Love to all,

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm back....again!

Okay....this time I really am back! Wow, what a few months we've had! First the surgeries this summer, then a looooong trip in September to spend time with my hubby's mother, who is not well at all. Then, when we got home, it was time again for doctors' appointments, and then my husband had a mini-stroke, or TIA, so now more doctors. Then I found out that I have diabetes. I've been borderline for about 25 years, but I finally crossed over the border. So a big lifestyle change is coming up. I have an appointment with my doctor on the 30th to discuss what those changes will be and how we will handle all this. That's not all, but it's enough! But I am back and I will stay back.

To start anew, I am posting some pictures of the September trip. Crackers went with us, and since it was the longest trip she had ever been on, she had to ride on the dash all the way there!

We headed due south into California to end up at my sister-in-law's home in Menifee, in southern California. We stayed two weeks with them, making daily trips to visit Thelma, my husbands mother.

My husband, Chuck with his mother,
Thelma, and Crackers, too.

This is my great-niece, Taylor, in front of her
classroom at school. With Crackers, of course!

We went from southern California east to Southern Nevada to visit our youngest daughter and two grandsons, along with two other grandsons who live with their dad, my husband's brother and family, and my brother-in-law, whose wife was in California with her mom.

Our daughter's apartment was bat-attacked!
Rafferty and Cyric in front of their school.
Isaac in his classroom. He is the son of my oldest daughter, Deseret.
Our youngest daughter, Amanda, with
 her dad and her best friend, our "other" daughter, Shelley.

Shelley's kids Shaylee, Brighton and Wesley. They
call us gramma and grampa, and we love it!

Crackers with Aunt Lois, one of my sister-in-laws.
 Her husband, Calvin, is my husband's brother.

Crackers with Uncle Jim, a brother-in-law.
His wife, Debbie, was in California with her mom.

Deseret's oldest son, Hal.

We stayed there a few days, went to soccer games and a barbecue and then went north to Elko, Nevada, where we have our two oldest children and their families.

Crackers with Cody and Jason,
my oldest son Dale's stepsons.

Hannah and Crackers at Hannah's soccer game.
She is Deseret's oldest daughter.
Hannah had a sleepover after the soccer game.
This is our youngest grandson, SJ. He's really a pistol!
Madison and Kacey, the daughters of
Deseret's boyfriend, Dustin.
After a few days there, another soccer game and the start of the balloon festival...........

....we finally headed home. We arrived tired and very happy to be home. We did have a good time, but it was good to be home and be able to sleep in our own bed!

Just one more picture I have to show you. It's sooooooo me!!!

So that's the trip in a nutshell! A lot has happened since then, but that's another story. I hope you all had good summers and are enjoying the fall.  Love to all.